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roughly 73,000 children in Jamaica are orphans


Sponsorship Options


sponsor a child

By sponsoring a child in Jamaica, you will provide an orphaned or abandoned child with all things needed to grow up in a normal family, but most of all, you are ensuring the child receives love and stability.

For just $36/month you can sponsor a child in Jamaica and help provide an orphaned or abandoned child with:

  • A safe and nurturing home

  • A loving sponsor mother

  • Quality education

  • Healthcare

  • Nutritious food

  • Clothing and toys

  • And all the things necessary for a bright future



sponsor a school

It’s a great way to give your fundraising a focus while helping to extend our educational development goals to more of the world’s poorest children. Individuals, schools or groups can be matched with a school in Jamaica where we have our largest projects. The fundraising target is set depending on the number of children enrolled at the school you’d like to sponsor, and then it’s over to you!



sponsor an orphanage

Underfunded orphanages oversee an overflowing number of children each year. The orphans require basic needs and ongoing care as they grow. Our aim is to provide hands-on help with the day-to-day operation of the orphanage. By sponsoring an orphanage, you're sending your donation to be applied where funding is needed the most.



corporate sponsorships

Find out how your company or organization can make a difference in the lives of those who rely on our services, and learn about our current corporate supporters and their impact. 


we rely entirely on donations and the hearts of those who truly care about spreading joy and love to children

Shamar Wright  |  Co-Founder


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