The Wright Way Foundation

we provide supplies to schools and orphanages in Jamaica



The Wright Way Foundation is a not-for-profit charity, founded in 2017, with the simple yet important mission to tell the story of the children in Jamaica.

Our mission is to inspire insurmountable breakthroughs in the quality of life for the youths of Jamaica – and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.



The Foundation seeks to disseminate poverty and homelessness and to generate and provide educational resources necessary to support the youths, families, groups and educators in Jamaica.

Through its charitable projects, the Foundation seeks to sustain interest in the financial development of underserved youths with practical resources and hands-on experience that will enable them to pursue their own future interests.

The Foundation makes a valuable contribution to civil society in Jamaica particularly with regard to social and educational outreach projects with local orphanages and educational institutions.

These projects are designed to facilitate personal development and fulfillment; to build capacity amongst local groups and individuals; and to build bridges between the different sections of the local communities in Jamaica. Projects help to keep us accountable, and to demonstrate the Foundation’s public benefit and value by giving the youths access to resources that are necessary for a prosperous and bright future.




Create sustainable homes in areas of need.  



Remodel local orphanage's living spaces. 



Donate computers to help students complete their homework with ease.  



Build brand new computer classrooms to aid in education. 


our goals are to build sustainable homes, remodel orphanages, and build brand new computer rooms to aid in learning

The wright way foundation



According to the US World Bank, in 2012, the official poverty rate in Jamaica fell just shy of 20%. The conditions in Jamaica have somewhat improved in the last quarter century as the poverty rate at one point topped 30%. Yet, recently the number of Jamaicans living in poverty has increased.

In 2007, the poverty rate was 9.9%, the lowest it’s ever been since the World Bank started collecting data. The year after, incomes across the world suffered and as tourism is and was the island’s main draw, Jamaica suffered from higher unemployment due to a drop off in visitors to the island. The unemployment rate dropped to 9.3% and in the following years climbed to a high of 15.25% in 2013.

Jamaica has been one of the slowest Caribbean nations to recover from the financial crisis. In the past six years Jamaica has on average, realized only a half percentage of annual GDP growth. Slow growth correlated with a high unemployment rate is only one contributing factor to poverty.

Moreover, the education system is among the main causes of poverty in Jamaica. In order for youths to attend school on the island, families have to pay to send them to school.

On top of enrollment fees, the Jamaican government doesn’t currently cover other expenses associated with schooling. As a result, many children can’t afford to attend school and obtain the formal education usually associated with and correlated to climbing the socioeconomic ladder.


together with the Jamaican people and  government, we are building a better and safer Jamaica for our youths

Sheree wright  |  Co-Founder


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